Deep Tissue/Sports Massage:

Is a combination of massage techniques, which focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.  I employ a combination of advanced massage techniques such as Myofascial Release, Trigger point work, Deep Tissue, Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) to meet the individual need of the client.


This type of massage usually focuses on more specific areas of the body, where you are getting muscular tensions, restricted movement, and pain.

A specialist deep tissue massage is designed to aid the body’s natural healing process.  By pinpointing specific muscles or muscle groups, knots, trigger points and scar tissue are treated and released.  Thus leaving the muscles functioning correctly.


Sports Massage or Deep tissue massage can benefit everyone. It is not just for athletes, it is beneficial for anyone in pain, restricted range of movement and soft tissue injuries.  It enhances the functional quality of muscle tissue.


A course of treatments is normally recommended to completely bring the body back to balance.


Deep Tissue/Sports Massage can help with:

Neck and shoulder stiffness

Restricted movement

Headaches and migraines

Soft tissue injuries

Persistent muscular tension

Injury prevention