Would you like to enter into a deeper dimension of relaxation, fully unwind and let the stones melt away all of your tension?

Hot Stone Massage is a deeper form of massage.  It utilises the therapeutic benefit of smooth warm stones.  The stones are not only placed on the body but also used to massage over the contours of the body, with the use of oil.

The stones used for this type of massage are natural Volcanic Basalt Stones.  They hold their heat for a long time.

Hot Stones

The heat of the stones makes muscles more pliable allowing the stones to sink deeper into the layers of the muscle.  Each stroke with a massage stone is five times more effective than a traditional massage stroke.

The use of hot stones increases blood supply to the area. This can decrease pain, encourage relaxation and increase the range of movement.

Cold Stones are excellent for reduce swelling, decreasing inflammation, and decongestion. They help to decrease pain, sensory output and spasms. This is especially beneficial for acute pain or sports injuries.

Alternating cold and hot stones.

This has the following effects:

  • Pumps blood through the area (flushing the area with fresh blood thus bringing nutrition to the area)
  • Reduces swelling (by pumping the lymphatic vessels)
  • Fantastic for chronic joint inflammation